E.V.P's Electronic Voice Phenomenon

The titles of these E.V.P's, are only what we think the spirits are saying or what it sounds like to us when we play them back.
So turn your volume up & listen closley!


S.T.P.S. Home

Nueces County Courthouse Corpus Christi, Texas 1999-2000 With EVP

Big Wood & Antioch Cemetery Edgerly, Louisiana

Burleson County, Texas

St. Louis I Cemetery New Orleans, Louisiana

LaLaurie House & French Quarter's
New Orleans, Louisiana

The Saratoga Light, Bragg Road, Saratoga, Texas

Beaumont, Texas Hauntings

1875 Historical Home
San Patricio, Texas

S.T.P.S. Video Gallery

Live Oak County Cemetery, Texas

Artesian Park Corpus Christi, Texas

Hurst Family Estate, Oklahoma

Family Estate Property, Oakville, Texas

Old Cemetery on the Hill, San Patricio, Texas

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The Story of:
U.S.S. Lexington CV-16 WWII

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These Evp's are the spirits that are in Sabrina's home. The spirits that have spoken their names are, "Billy", "Donna" and "Debbie".

Sitting at my dinning room table watching my cats play when a spirit named Billy says "Grab Her Hand". Another spirit says "Give Me Your Hand Litte Kitty."

Mike and I were eating breakfast at our dinning room table when a spirit says "Eat Your Eggs Up Man"

Asking the resident spirits in my home their name when a female-spirit says "Donna"

We moved from one house to another and once we got into our new place I started recording to see if Billy had made the move with us. I asked if Billy was here when a spirit says "I Hope Billy Ain't Here"

Several days went by after we moved into our new home when I asked once again if Billy came with us when a spirit says "Oh No Billy Came"

I was looking over some old family photos when a spirit says "That's My Papa"

I was recording my my kitchen when I was making dinner when a spirit says "Hey Kenny"

Understand what she is saying?? "Unknown Language"

Going thru photos of one of our investigations when a spirit says "Let Me Look At It"

I was telling the spirits in my home about a problem remembering a date from and old investigation that I had failed to write down when a male-spirits says "We Never Have That Problem, It's a Different Year"

Sitting in my computer room talking to the resident in my home when a female-spirit says "Debbie"

When I first started picking this spirit up on audio, all he would say over and over was "What Time Is It." I finally showed him where ever clock was in my home and he never asked me again about the time. "What Time Is It........"

Here is Billy finally telling me his name "Billy Wildton"

I had my audio recorder on in my computer room talking to the spirits in my home, when a spirit came accross saying, "Your Going To Get Busted"

Mike and I were sitting in our computer room when I said to Mike, don't you have anything to say to the spirits? This is when a spirit named Billy said "Don't Be Shy"

I was adding music to my website and asked the spirits if they liked the music, when this spirit says "Don't Talk"

Here's another evp recorded during the time as the above evp (Don't Talk). I asked again if they liked the music I added to my website when the spirit says "I Like It"